Home Invasion

Home invasions are a fearful prospect for a homeowner; an intruder can easily steal the things you have rightfully earned, and cause grievous bodily harm to the other property occupants. Burglars, serial murderers, rapists, and all-around bandits can access your home just as easily as you do, if you don’t do much to stop them in the first place. Your mistake could easily put your life, and the lives of others, in jeopardy.

Luckily, there are many ways you can prevent a home invasion from even happening. Instead of waiting around for that close scrape with a career criminal, you could perform preventive maintenance to your home that will deter them. Taking a few extra measures to give home invaders what’s coming to them, in the event they ever do make it inside of your house, can also add that extra touch of security to one’s property.

Home Invasion Basics

You can only guess what the person breaking into your home has in mind; perhaps he’s here to steal, or maybe he wants to hurt somebody in my home. You’ll get the chance to find out if he does end up caught, but that’s not always going to happen unless you’re prepared. And prepared is definitely something you should be.

A home invasion differs from your garden variety burglary in terminology; it usually involves violent or aggravated intent against the occupants of a home. This can also involve more than one perpetrator at a time; after all, its easier to break into a locked home if you have a buddy who can come along for the ride.

Criminals who commit a home invasion are not charged with such after a crime. This is because the term “home invasion” does not refer to a particular crime. If these criminals do get caught, they will be charged with whatever it was they did while committing a home invasion, like murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape, or other crimes.

Home invasions are clearly defined as legal terms in a variety of US states, however. Maryland passed House Bill 790, or the “Criminal Law – Home Invasion Violent Crime” bill in 2011. Here, the bill defines a home invasion as “breaking and entering the dwelling of another, and committing a violent crime against.” This bill joins the ranks of five other US states that have legally defined a home invasion.

Looking into your local laws and legislature should also give you enough knowledge of the matter to help arm yourself against criminals. Knowing what sets a home invader apart from other kinds of criminals can be a good way to back up a good defense plan for your home, or more specifically, a legal defense.

Preventing a Home Invasion

However, local laws and regulations written on paper or website can only do so much to defend your home against intruders. Criminals will already know what they are doing is against the law when they decide to invade your home, so it’s up to you to remind them why these laws were set against them in the first place.

  • If you are ever pitted face-to-face with a home invader, then defending yourself on your property is entirely legal. Under the “Castle Doctrine,” occupants of a home are permitted to use lethal force against against intruders without fear of being persecuted in court. Of course, once you leave the confines of your property, this becomes open to argument.
  • Taking the time to make sure the doors, windows, and their respective locks are secure can keep out potential home invaders. It’s never a guarantee to stop them, but that extra layer should give you time to prepare against a crime in the making.
  • If you have a pet around, don’t be so quick to ignore its calls; guard dogs, for example, will be able to alert, and maybe even attack intruders who break into your home.
  • Having a gun or two around is also advisable wherever legal. However, these can be just as deadly as an armed criminal if you or anybody else you share a home with are not properly trained to use them. Be sure to schedule regular gun safety sessions, range time, and home safety procedures if you plan to buy a gun for home defense.
  • That said, you won’t always have to shoot the gun to ward off potential home invaders. A simple rack of the slide, a pump of a shotgun, or even pointing a laser sight in the general direction of an intruder should scare them off proper. Otherwise, be prepared to identify and shoot the home invader.
  • Creative use of shrubbery, lighting, and simple home arrangements can make it hard for a home invader to get in and around a home. Coordinate with a gardener or home decorator to come up with some crafty solutions to home security problems.
  • A home security system might also be a worthwhile investment. Installing them might be a pain, but the possibilities they offer should be flexible: ones that alert the homeowner, and even the local police, are available for purchase.

Take a look at our ADT Security Reviews to help you make a educated decision. Should your intruder come out unscathed after being caught and jailed for the act, be sure you know a good lawyer. A criminal may end up getting off clean with a good legal defense, so make sure your lawyer give this home invader the send-off he really deserves.

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